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Ch. Nirvana's Bebiche "Bebiche"


A once in a lifetime girl for me, now retired, Bebiche was my foundation in conformation dogs. A very special girl. My first Show Champion, a multi- specialty winning girl whom produced for me multi-specialty winning children. Her qualities deep. She is seen throughout my dogs today. The pleasure was all mine to be lucky enough to be owned by her.

Breeder | Barry Richards, Nirvana

DOB: September 25, 2006
Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: OFA Normal
Eyes: AVCO Clear
Optigen: Normal / Clear

Specialty WB - Multi Specialty Class Winner

New CH. WB/BOW/BOS at CCKC (PRLRC Supported) 2009,

under Gail Shearer - Bonaventure - 3 pt major


WB/BOW at Maryland Sporting Dog Show

under David Flanagan - 4 pt major


RWB to a major at Maryland Sporting Dog Show 2009

under Elizabeth Muthard


WB / BOW / BOB at MVKC 2009

under Judy Drewett Heim - Hyspire - 3 pt major


1st Open Black Raleigh Durham LRC 2008

under Kendall Herr - Dickendall


RWB to a major at Raleigh Durham LRC 2008

under Janice Granneman - Janrod


WB / BOW at MPKC 2008

under Gail Shearer - Bonaventure - 1 pt


1st AM Bred Pawcatuck River LRC specialty 2008

under Jeff Gilmore - Borrowick


WB / BOW day two at LRC of Pioneer Valley specialty 2008

under Judy Drewett Heim (Hyspire) &Michael Silva (Shadowbrook) - 5 pt major (Bebiche's first show)


1st AM Bred day one at LRC of Pioneer Valley Specialty 2008

under Michael Silva - Shadowbrook

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