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K9 Sampson | Wakefield Police Department

K9 Sampson aka Samy came to the Wakefield Police Department in Wakefield Massachusetts in May of 2021.  K9 Samy is a certified Comfort Therapy Dog with the National Alliance of Therapy Dogs.  She lives with Officer Kelley Tobyne in Beverly, Ma. Officer Kelley and K9 Samy are assigned to the Wakefield Public Schools providing the students with a safe learning environment on a day-to-day basis.  They are also members of the Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council: Critical Incident Stress Management team (NEMLEC CISM) where they debrief or diffuse service calls with officers. 


You can often find K9 Samy paired up with her best friend K9 Ella of the Peabody Police Department. She loves hanging with other Crosslot’s Labs; Breeze (Wakefield High School)  Nor’e (Northeast Vocational Technical School).

Elizabeth Boudreau Photography


Two Crosslot's Labrador girls hard at work, visiting a prep school who was working thru the loss of a student.  These two were out taking a little break. 

Crosslot's Breezie

Breezy, a comfort/therapy dog in training at Wakefield Memorial High School is a yellow  English Labrador Retriever born on March 8, 2022. 

At this point in her training, Breezy is similar to a “student teacher/counselor” as she is learning how to be the best dog she can be in the school environment.

Breezy works side by side with Suzanne Burns, School Counselor providing support to students in individual and small group sessions as well as visiting classrooms and adding another layer of support and comfort during times of heightened stress or crisis. 

Breezy serves as a companion for students managing anxiety, depression, academic achievement and school attendance issues, as well as the many personal and social challenges students cope with throughout their high school years.


Breezy’s name was chosen to evoke a sense of comfort, ease, relaxation, and light-heartedness in students as they move through their school day with confidence and ease. My hope is that the essence of her name will lead to meaningful conversations evolving around finding and maintaining a personal balance between seeking academic achievement with taking responsibility for managing overall well-being. 


Likes: Hiking off leash in the woods


          Playing catch

          Carrying sticks

          And most of all, Breezy enjoys loving people and being loved.


Nor'E Knight

Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School is a four year public regional vocational high school that services twelve communities North of Boston. This 2022-2023 school year, the school added its newest staff member, Nor’e Knight. Nor’E is our lovable emotional support dog. Nor’e spends much of her day in the counseling office bringing students comfort but will often join a game of flag football or yoga in the gym. Nor’E has been a wonderful addition to the school

Ella | Owned by the Peabody Police Department

Comfort dog at the Peabody Police Department.

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